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15 years of background screening covering every PIN code of India

Employee Background screening makes financial sense. SecUR Credentials is one of the largest Indian employee background check company. By partnering with us, you leverage the experience built over 15 years and over 4 million candidate checks.

Our reports and technology are trusted globally and in India by 1000+ of the largest corporates across 23 industries.

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Job seekers: Pre-verify your Resume

Initiative and Integrity have a new name- SecUR Number

Over 56% of resumes have misleading, exaggerated or blatantly fraudulent data. In such an environment your pre-verified resume comes as a breath of fresh air.

The SecUR Number is a 10 digit code that you include on you resume. It unlocks a comprehensive resume verification report for your potential employers. It is a strong trust builder which validates your key employee background check information as true. Verified by an independent third party, SecUR Number lends credence to your Resume.

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