Background screening has become a common talk in every organisation. Whether small or large, businesses are realising the importance of background screening and are also adopting it. Employee background screening is not a new concept. While it has been around for years, the concept is thriving since recently. So, what is the reason?

No sector, be it ITES, BFSI, Retail, Aviation, Hospitality, etc. is free from criminal and fraudulent activities. The rising cases of forged resumes, degrees, employment certificates, and office crimes in India have triggered the importance of screening before hiring. But, employee verification until now was limited to reference checks only. With frauds and crimes like sexual harassment, embellishment of financial data, breach of confidentiality, etc. are threatening every business sector, the demand for a comprehensive background screening process has increased. While screening can be done by your company’s HR, there are several reasons why outsourcing employee background verification to a trusted partner is beneficial. Here are 3 reasons why every industry in India must hire a background screening partner.

1.    Eliminate Fake Education Degrees

It’s no secret that there are several agencies taking advantage of students’ desperation to secure a career. Such agencies supply fake degrees with names of renowned institutions to graduates and job seekers. While some jobs do not require a high-level qualification, others cannot do without the experience. Professionals like a pilot, doctor, nurse, lawyer, banker, etc. need sufficient amount of knowledge and experience, failure of which can threaten the firm’s standing and people’s safety at large. But, some candidates submit fake degrees to secure a well-paying opportunity in a field.  Recently, an Air India Pilot had been suspended because he was found to have a fake education degree. A former Delhi law minister was also found to have submitted a fake BSc degree. A pilot does more than just fly passengers and a law minister is responsible for maintaining law and justice in the country.

The absence of employee screening can lead to bad hires that can harm your status in the market. While your HR can perform screening, they may fail to probe into details. A trusted screening partner has skilled personnel, access to universities, and databases. This helps them uncover the truth and save you from bad hires.

2.    Promote a Safe Work Environment

Theft of assets, accounting, and banking frauds are a common scenario in times when employment crimes are on a rise. Such acts can be harmful for industry sectors dealing in precious assets and public’s finances like BFSI and Jewellery. As reported by Times of India, in Kochi, three managers of a jewellery store were arrested for swindling gold ornaments worth crores. Furthermore, India has also seen an increase in cases of sexual harassment. An India Today article, reported a recent news about sexual harassment by an aviation security official. Another Times of India news piece said that a girl student was harassed by a teacher in the district of Amritsar.

As seen, no business sector, even education, is free of crimes and frauds. If there was a comprehensive screening process implemented in the above-mentioned examples, such incidents could have been avoided. Such crimes not only threaten employees and assets but also your business’s’ reputation. Criminal background checks are a part of employee screening process. It is not easy for any individual to access criminal records and gather information. Reliable screening firms have access to such databases and trained professionals who help you verify an employee’s background accurately. Screening helps you prevent bad hires and consequences that could ruin your name in the market.

3.    Hire True Talent

The Indian IT sector is bombed with thousands of fake employment letters every year. Likewise, any sector could receive resumes with embellished employment details and letters. Just like fake degrees can be procured, there are agencies who offer forged employment letters to job seekers who wish to show some experience on their resume. While the lack of jobs for freshers and low employment rates could be reasons for doing so, such fake experience can be harmful to your firm. Say, for example, if an employee is hired on the basis of his experience in client servicing, which in actuality is false. After a month of his joining, you start receiving complaints from clients about the candidate’s quality and also his communication skills. Such an employee during their tenure harms your reputation, leads to financial losses and may also make you lose important clients. Since background screening helps you scan employment history, it uncovers their behavior, experience, tenure, salary, and all other details. This allows you to make an informed choice and recruit talented individuals.

All these points justify the need to hire a background screening partner for every business sector. While you may find various screening tools, it may not be suitable for all employees. A trusted background screening partner has digitized processes and expertise to their advantage. Add customized packages to these benefits and you’ll get reliable screening results to help you improve your recruitment process.