Recruitment is a critical part of every organisation. A typical hiring process includes advertising job openings and conducting interviews before hiring. However, there are various flaws in the traditional hiring process that make it time-consuming. These flaws range from inadequate job descriptions, relying on interviews alone, and not having a stringent background check system in place. With the stiffening competition, every organization is striving to attract top talent. An efficient hiring process involves a structured interviewing and testing system, and outsourcing background checks. If you have been suffering from bad hires and seek to improve your hiring process, here are a few tips to help you.

1.    Write better job descriptions

Hiring starts with advertising job vacancies to attract suitable candidates. Ambiguous job descriptions will fail to attract the right candidates and eat away your precious time. Candidates want to know their job responsibilities, the skills and qualifications required, and what they can achieve from the job. Steer away from using words like ‘hardworking’ and ‘dedicated’, and avoid overdoing the description. Keep it to the point and be honest.

2.    Embrace Digital Trends and Social Media

People like to work with companies that keep up with the latest digital trends. Your website and social presence is a reference point for candidates. Not having a social media presence and an informative website can turn off the potential candidate. Hence, you must be well versed in digital trends and have a strong social media presence to attract potential candidates easily. Additionally, by using channels like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can source talent and conduct background checks.

3.    Conduct Tests apart from Interviews

Relying on resumes and interviews can lead to bad hires and financial losses. Candidates tend to embellish resumes and lie during interviews to secure a job. This can lead to delays or increase recruitment costs due to a bad hire. While shortlisting candidates, give them a test to evaluate their true potential. This can be in the form of written tests, role-plays, case-studies, etc. Giving them tests before interviews helps you efficiently filter out candidates. Hence, this limits the time and effort taken to hire.

4.    Outsourcing Background Check

As mentioned above, candidates fudge their resumes in order to secure a job. Information embellished includes educational qualifications, residential details, employment and criminal history. While you may have a traditional system of reference checks, it may not be sufficient. A comprehensive background check filters falsified resumes leaving you with the best ones. In order to make your recruitment process easier, you can outsource it to a background check service provider. This helps you eliminate costs as well as have an efficient and swift recruitment process.

Whether you are a startup or an established firm, your hiring process can either make or break your business. An efficient hiring process gets you the right people and ensures the smooth and progressive functioning of your business. Of all the tips shared above, we recommend professional background screening highly. Outsourcing background checks to a reliable screening company can dramatically improve your hiring process.