The financial status of an organisation alone cannot define its success. The reputation and success of your company are highly dependent on the human resources. The human capital of your firm can make or break your goodwill. An ethical and professional team will contribute to your company’s growth and strengthen your reputation. On the other hand, a wrong hire can shatter your company’s credibility and financial status in no time.

Background screening has become widely popular in India. The rising instances of workplace crimes and frauds have awakened organisations to realise the importance of background screening. Large and small firms are adopting background screening as a primary procedure while hiring. The process of educational, employment, residential and criminal background verification mitigates the risk of a bad hire. It thereby ensures that you hire the right people to help build your stature in the market. However, the process is restricted to new hires, especially freshers and junior level employees.

But, is screening corporate titles limited to junior level employees only? What about other employee ranks? Are other corporate titles free from the process of background verification? Let us have a look.

Importance of Background Screening for All Employee Ranks

More and more firms in India are adopting screening as a chief part of recruitment. While many firms screen all employee ranks, most firms have restricted the process to freshers and junior level employees only. Furthermore, the process is implemented only when recruiting.

Many people believe that background screening is meant for junior level employees only. But this is not true. Although screening is vital when hiring, it must be done when recruiting any employee rank – Junior, Middle, and Senior Level. Just like no industry is untouched by frauds, you cannot guarantee the acts of any employee, be it a peon or a CEO.

A 2016-17 survey by Kroll stated that nearly 80% of the respondents cited middle level, junior level, former employees and freelancers as key culprits of committing fraud. A recent Medianama article reported the removal of Uber’s Asia Pacific head because he withheld the medical records of a rape victim for a year to save the firm’s reputation. Another news piece by India Today, reported how an ATM outsourcing agency committed a monetary fraud when SBI had asked them to deposit a huge amount in the ATMs. Several such reports of workplace crimes and frauds by senior and middle ranked employees can also be found. This clearly shows the need for screening all corporate titles.

A comprehensive background screening procedure scans several personal and professional employee details. Residential, educational qualification, employment history, and criminal record checks help you gauge whether the employee is fit for your company or not. Many firms conduct background screening by themselves, but it is in your best interest to outsource it to experts. Furthermore, knowing about an employee at periodic intervals is equally important as it is during hiring. It helps you stay informed about the employee’s background and ensures your organisation’s safety.

While background screening cannot guarantee the attitude and behaviour of an individual, it does reduce the risk of a bad hire. Conducting periodic background checks and screening corporate titles is vital when fudged resumes and frauds are a common scene. However, you need a stringent screening process in place to save you from hiring the wrong employees. Outsourcing background screening to a trusted partner will ensure you attract and secure the right people for your organisation.