Since many years, HR professionals have been trying to have a stringent, streamlined background screening process before hiring employees. Previously, the background verification process in India was always given the back seat. But today, the tables have turned and many organisations, small and big have started partnering with background screening companies to effectively verify the backgrounds of potential candidates.

The reason why candidates have been confidently embellishing their resumes with fake credentials is because they have the support of fake institutes which provide them with fake certificates. It is because of these fake institutions, today there are many honest job seekers who are jobless, while the dishonest ones have happily secured a job with their fake certificates. So fastened your seatbelts and don’t fret, as technology has powered the background verification process to reach unimaginable heights. Hence, many organisations know how important it is to hire candidates who are honest and hardworking. It has become absolutely crucial for companies to have a comprehensive hiring process which incorporates a stringent background screening process.

That’s why the need to partner with professional background verification companies is peaking. These firms do more than merely checking references and verifying personal details. In reality, the most challenging and time-consuming tasks are to verify educational certificates, work history and other records of candidates. Hiring a professional background verification firm can make the entire background screening process quick and easy.

With the help of technology, screening companies can easily collect necessary details of an employee. And this is only possible when they have access to multiple databases and applications. When organisations get access to check all the relevant details of a candidate, it becomes really easy for them decide whether they should hire them or not.

Most employers are only concerned about hiring the right, talented employees because they know the true cost of an employee. And hence, they know it’s wise to invest in partnering with a background screening company to save time and money.

Why are Companies Opting for Background Verification in India?

The reasons are many, however, the most common one is to avoid hiring the wrong employees. In India, the number of people fudging information on their resumes is pretty high. This propels organisations to have a proper screening process to verify personal as well as professional backgrounds of candidates. That is why organisations partner with background screening companies to make their hiring process swift and spotless.

Does Technology Play a Big Role in the Screening Process?

Technology has remarkably transformed many businesses and business processes across the world. Without having proper systems and applications, the employee screening process may take more than months to get the screening reports ready. Renowned background verification companies in India have access to several databases which help them acquire details of an employee within minutes. Also, some top screening companies use custom applications and bar-coded certificates which enable them to easily scan through details of potential candidates.

Does Background Verification Improve a Company’s Credibility?   

In the past, only large or multinational organisations in India had a stringent background verification process. But today, the game has totally changed. Small companies or startups need background screening services more than the established ones. The reason is obvious – to hire the best, talented candidates who can help the organisation grow.

The reputation of a company is always in danger if they hire employees having a criminal record, fake certificate, or a fake experience letter. Each and every company needs to prove its credibility so that their customers and employees develop a sense of security. The Uber sexual harassment incident is the best example to emphasize on the value of background screening. Background verification in India is absolutely essential to improve the recognition and credibility of organisations.

We at SecUR are developing various applications which make our screening processes faster and accurate. Our aim is to constantly refine our background screening processes so that our clients do not have to waste time going through numerous resumes of candidates and verify their backgrounds.