Why Background Screening ? 

You are known by the company you keep. And a company is known by the people it employs. Employee related frauds such as inflated salary slips, exaggerated past designations and misleading academic history can cause damage to the bottom-line month on month while the employee is still in the system. Criminal history, questionable political affiliations and a negative personality can cause severe damage to a company’s reputation and future earning potential. Therefore, it is imperative that companies safeguard themselves by performing background checks on all hires.






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Why SecUR ?

SecUR Credentials is one of India’s largest background check companies with pan-India coverage and operational capabilities in 14 countries. 15 years of management experience and a 300+ workforce has powered our ability to weld innovation with technology and streamline the background screening process. As a result, our services have been integrated into HR systems for over 350 large companies across 30+ industries.

A thought-leader in the background verification space, SecUR verifies half a million resumes each year and that number is only growing. The key to our continued success is in our DNA; which is defined by our passion for business, innovation in products and processes, and customer focus.

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