Securing Human Capital 

Business growth is not the result of focus on one thing but is the successful confluence of many components. In an era where consumer is king, having the right hires is a given. Through background screening on all hires you can be sure that your biggest assets are not your greatest liabilities Make sure you’re building a business on the right hires.

By partnering with SecUR Credentials you leverage our strengths of the largest fleet on street for on-ground verifications and technology that has been developed in-house keeping in mind the Indian context.

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Background Verification makes financial sense.
A few checks can SecUR you

Other checks include

Why SecUR ?

SecUR Credentials Ltd is India’s first and only listed background verification companies. We are also one of India’s largest background check companies with pan-India coverage and operational capabilities across the globe. We firmly believe in the value of integrity and pursuit of excellence. Supported by state of the art technology, our services have been integrated into HR systems for over 1000 large companies across sectors.

A thought-leader in the background verification space, we at SecUR Credentials are committed to elevating the integrity index of India Inc, one company at the time. We are the name behind four million intelligent hiring decisions and that number is only growing.

Core Strengths