Background checks in India are gaining popularity among hiring managers and employers. A comprehensive screening process assesses all the details on a candidate’s resume. Educational qualifications, residential details, employment history, and criminal records of a potential employee are verified to help you make an informed choice. At times when job seekers embellish resumes, background checks save you from bad hires and credibility loss. In spite of these several benefits, many organisations are reluctant to adopt background screening. Reason – common myths surrounding background checks in India. In this blog, we will talk about some common myths about background checks and the truth behind them.

Myth 1 – Small Companies Don’t Need Background Checks

This is one of the most common misconceptions about employee screening. Additionally, this myth goes along with another illusion that background checks are expensive.

Due to the lack of adequate resources, small companies fail to adopt background checks. But the truth is, smaller the size of your firm the riskier a bad hire can be. A single bad hire can lead to a loss of thousands of rupees in terms of recruitment, pay, incentives, training, etc., and not to mention the re-hiring cost and credibility loss. While this is true for all organisations, it can be especially damaging for small firms looking to establish themselves. Outsourcing background checks act as an investment. You not only eliminate the need for additional resources but mitigate the cost of bad hires. With screening in place, you ensure that all your employees are great assets to your firm.

Myth 2 – Every Background Check Firm Offers Same Results

This is another common myth because many companies don’t invest in background screening. The reality is that the information provided to you depends on the level of screening demanded and the rank of an employee. Not all employees require a full-fledged screening process. Some may be okay with an education and employment check, while others may require scanning every detail. Most senior level hires require an in-depth background check because of their role and responsibility. Hence, the results you get depend on the level of screening you demand for your employees.

Myth 3 – I Can Get Ample of Information Online To Screen Employees

The advent of technology has given us easy access to information. Many employers feel that they can easily source information of employees from the internet and through reference checks. While reference checks help at times, there is no guarantee of the reliability of the information you get online. Furthermore, you require the experience and skill to know where to get information from, what kind of details to look for, and how to get the right information for verification. An experienced screening firm has the expertise and skilled resources that help you with timely and accurate results. This saves you time and effort and also guarantees you the reliability of the information provided.

Myth 4 – All Background Check Companies Are The Same

One of the biggest misconceptions among employers is that all background check companies offer the same service quality and results. This is untrue and misleads many firms to choose the cheapest screening service available. Although there is nothing wrong in saving some money, selecting such firms may lead to delayed and inaccurate results. This ultimately leads to a bad hire. Like any other task, while selecting a background screening service, do your homework and choose the one which is reputed and established. It is wise to invest in the best instead of suffering a huge loss.

While employee screening is evolving, these common myths about background checks are ceasing many employers from securing talent. The bottom line is that today, where workplace crimes are on a rise, you need background checks in India to attract and hire the best. So, if you haven’t implemented it yet, connect with an experienced screening partner and make background checks a part of your recruitment process!