Background screening in India has become really essential today. The rise in employment frauds and the increasing number of emblazoned resumes have triggered the importance of background verification. Moreover, the lax approach of basic reference checks implemented by many firms fails to uncover crucial facts that may pose a threat to the organisation. Considering these factors, organisations are outsourcing employee verification to screening partners. A background screening partner thoroughly verifies residential, educational, employment, and criminal data of  employees to help attract top talent. Hence, a screening partner plays a critical role in maintaining the firm’s credibility and a safe working environment. While this is true, employee verification is also prone to errors. Some common background check errors committed by screening companies can affect not only your organisation but also the employee. Here are a few background check errors to look out for while picking a screening partner.

1.    Mistakes with Educational Information

Fake educational degrees and certificates are a common scene. In their yearning to secure a job, candidates embellish their educational qualifications and support these claims with fake certificates. Such candidates, if shortlisted, threaten your firm’s credibility and make you miss out on talent. Screening educational information of potential candidates is a critical part of the background screening process. Background screening is known to benefit not only organisations but also honest candidates. However, mistakes like verifying the wrong degree can cost an honest candidate a good opportunity as well as ruin their reputation. On the other hand, if the wrong degree turns out to be exceptional, your organisation can suffer grave consequences. Many screening firms also overlook the importance of clarifying mismatching names in educational and employment documents. While not all candidates lie, mismatching names is definitely a warning sign. Hence, while choosing a screening partner make sure they have a system in place to ensure these glitches are prevented.

2.    Errors in Employment Verification

Previous employment data of an employee is the most delicate piece of information. This is because initiating background checks without an employee’s consent can lead to lawsuits if there is an intrusion into privacy. Secondly, reputed firms often hide employee frauds to maintain their reputation. This is especially true for unlawful acts on the part of senior level employees. All this make employment data highly prone to errors. However, in spite of being notified, many screening companies make the mistake of not digging deep into any discrepancy. In times when employees of all ranks fudge salary figures, hide employment crimes and other details, this can cost your organisation its reputation.

3.    Errors in Verifying Residential Information

The verification of residential data typically takes the shortest span of time as compared to other employee information. Although verification depends on the residential proofs available along with other credentials, an easy-going approach of screening firms can result in costly mistakes for organisations and employees. Screening firms may mistakenly verify the incorrect address, rendering the verification negative. This can affect the potential candidate adversely. Furthermore, lack of ability to seek out address can result in an expensive mistake. Whether this is because of an incomplete or short address provided by the candidate or due to the field executive being unfamiliar with the locality it can be damage your organisation’s reputation.

Although background screening in India is crucial, these background check errors must be taken into account while partnering with a screening firm. At SecUR Credentials, our expertise combined with technology makes possible efficient employee verification free from these background check errors.