So you thought background checks are only for businesses that are looking to hire employees? Not quite true. Registered wedding detectives help in verifying backgrounds of potential partners to learn about their personal habits, lifestyle, drug addiction, affairs, etc.

In India, since time immemorial, parents of every caste, creed, and religion have been conducting thorough background checks to confirm the potential partner’s family background, financial and social status, dialect, cultural values, spiritual leanings, horoscope pattern, etc. Today, by hiring wedding detectives the background check process has only extended a notch above, to further dig through an individual’s personal history and current affairs. This simply adds another layer of investigation to the traditional background check process, and it certainly is logical. Families are and always have been really cautious when selecting the right partner. Akin to background screening, helping organisations eliminate chances of making a wrong hire, families are now seeking help from wedding detectives to make more informed decisions.

Companies are investing their money in background screening services as they have realised the significance of hiring the best candidates. Similarly, some parents have started hiring wedding detectives to do background checks.

Though the background check process won’t empower you to select the best person, it can help you learn more about the person, his or her true financial and social status, social media presence, past relationships, family history, etc.

Why are Background Checks Given so Much of Importance?

As far as employee screening is considered, it goes without saying that an employee is the backbone of a company. Hiring a bad apple due to ignorance on the background screening availability and process is a risk no smart HR managers are willing to take. They are eager to inform themselves, learn through their peers in the industry in order to do whatever it takes to filter out bad hires at the entry point itself.  Likewise, wedding detective agencies are on the rise.

Today, almost everyone has a digital presence including our social profiles. There are a number of people with fake profiles, with the help of which they make online friends and date them. Before accepting a marriage proposal, it is evermore imperative to do a thorough background check for the authenticity of all that they claim. To shed some light on this, there was an incident which occurred a couple of years ago, wherein a friend of mine who was about to get married to an NRI had to reject the wedding proposal. In India, it’s really hard for parents to be sure whether NRIs have the same cultural values or not. So my friend’s father hired a wedding detective to investigate and learn about the NRI’s personal habits, history, and health condition. After a thorough investigation, the reports were handed over to the family and they were shocked with the results. They immediately called off the wedding because they learnt that the NRI was battling with early-stage cancer and hadn’t even quit smoking. This clearly proves, ‘One never knows what you may find’.

Are there any Risks Involved?

Currently, there are no underlying guidelines for the wedding detective business in India. It is unregulated. In India, marriage is still regarded as establishing a lifelong bond between not only the bride and groom, but also their families, so an informed or secretive background screening may cause hurt and get the alliance started off on a wrong note.

Wedding detective agencies may assign the work to two or three detectives who conduct online research, enquire through social circles, and perform on-the-spot surveillance to complete the task. However, physically spying on a person is against the law. It’s a violation of one’s personal freedom. The investigation needs to be flawless and that’s why several undisclosed methods are adopted. That could be one reason why it has been slow to take hold and yet to find mass appeal.

Background screening in companies is highly regulated and conducted by qualified professionals using technological tools and matrices. They have years of experience sifting out honest candidate resumes from the fraudulent ones. Their personnel are highly trained in handling key checks. SecUR Credentials is one such organisation. However they strictly do not conduct personal background checks on marrying couples as a matter of policy.

For those, a potential suitor will need to approach private detective agencies.