If you’ve managed to stay undetected even after falsifying your educational credentials then you should count your lucky stars. But if you think you can continue to get away with lies in your resume, you’re wrong! Employers have adopted a prudent approach to improve their company’s reputation by hiring employees who are not only talented, but also upright. This is only possible with background screening. Number of factual discrepancies on the resume have increased over the years and that has made many businesses alert.

There have been cases where even top performing employees were asked to quit because minor fibs in their resumes were highlighted by screening agencies. The gravity of your lie does not matter – whether you elevated your job title or mixed up the dates on your previous role. Since most companies have already outsourced the employee verification process to background screening experts, there is little you can do to get away with any kind of discrepancy in your resume. Employers want to ensure they hire the best candidates who do not have clouded backgrounds. And with the help technology, top background screening companies can easily validate fake certificates and falsified resumes.

Why is it Uncool to Fudge Educational Qualifications?

As stated above, background screening acts like a defense system for all business sectors to protect them against bad hires. Thanks to technology and screening tactics, the employee screening process continues to become more effective and valuable by fostering credibility within organisations across all business sectors. Generally, candidates caught with fake educational certificates are either asked to resign or are blacklisted.

Why is the Rate of Fake Educational Certifications High in India?

High unemployment rate and exorbitant costs of education fuel such fraudulent behaviour in candidates. Background screening is a fair practice not only for employers but also for honest candidates. If fudging educational certificates continues to rise, it may become harder for employees and organisations to prove their credibility. What employers and candidates need to know is that such frauds can be costly, where they tarnish the reputation not just of the individual, but also of the company.

How can Fudging Educational Qualifications be Curbed?

In a country like India, it is easy to obtain fake certificates. There are two ways to repress such fraudulent actions – 1) by detaining all those private organisations or companies which help in creating fake educational certificates, and 2) by having a strict background verification process. A meticulous screening process can discard resumes of candidates that have embellished information and fake certificates.

In India, not many companies have made the background screening process mandatory yet. However, it’s heartening that more and more organisations are keen to learn in depth about background screening and reap its benefits. Also, the Indian Government’s digitisation drive to link data through Aadhaar is a huge leap forward to make available a vast database on individuals. This will certainly help employers hire the best candidates.

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