Pankaj Vyas
Pankaj VyasFounder

A certified chartered accountant, with nearly 30 years of extensive experience in financial planning & execution, Pankaj is the vision behind SecUR. He had the foresight of realizing the true potential that exists in the diligence space and has demonstrated in the short time since the inception of SecUR that success is nothing but the confluence of the right intent, grass-roots planning, and tight implementation.

Driven by his passion for strategizing and application of robust financial and operational control mechanisms, Pankaj has laid the foundations on which SecUR is writing an aggressive story in their industry. Over the last year, Pankaj has been instrumental in personally driving the creation of the SecUR ecosystem which is high on technology, real-time MIS and clear communications.

Pankaj is personally committed to ensuring the health of the three segments he considers sacred- Clients, Employees and Investors and all his actions sprout from this non-negotiable tenet.