A smelly hotel room, unclean towels, poor housekeeping, and rude waiters – rings a bell? Everyone has had bad experiences at hotels or restaurants that spoil the fun of an outing or a holiday.

The hospitality industry is service oriented. The success of a hotel, restaurant or a tourism agency lies in the services they provide. So what if the the rooms are well-furnished and the food is great, none of that matters if the service is poor. The service level of your hospitality brand can make or break your repute.

Guests typically judge your services based on the professionalism and ethics of  the waiters who serve them, the receptionist who welcomes them, and the concierge who guides them. An unacceptable act by the management or poor behavior of a junior level employee can degrade your brand’s reputation. Hence, hiring the right employees becomes crucial in the hospitality industry. However, recruiters in the industry face several challenges. Pre-employment checks for hiring professionals in the hospitality industry can be a solution to the issue, but sadly not every hotel owner implements it. Here are a few hiring issues which trigger the need for strong background checks in the hospitality sector.

Challenge 1 – Hiring the Right People

The most challenging issues faced by the hospitality sector are attracting and hiring the right people. To hire candidates who are fit for the job is vital as it not only affects your reputation but also minimises the turnover rate. While qualifications and experience do matter, the most important factors are the personality and temperament. Dedication, patience, chivalry, people-oriented, and a team player are qualities to look out for in potential employees. Also, make sure the candidate is a cultural fit. The employee being hired should have traits that help them easily gel in with your firm’s culture. Furthermore, you do not want to hire someone with a criminal background, be it a forgivable act. While interviews can give you a good idea about a candidate, screening can help reveal the background of the candidate. During verification, personal and professional details of a candidate are assessed. This helps uncover crucial facts, which reference checks alone cannot disclose, and allows you to hire the right individuals.


Challenge 2 – Retaining Talent

Managing attrition rate and retaining talented individuals has become a challenge for most sectors in India, including hospitality. Needs of the millennial generation has raised the demands for unconventional hiring and management. While flexible work environment, clarity in the job role, and growth opportunities work efficiently, screening plays a direct role in retaining employees. When you make a wrong hire your turnover rates rise. Whether the employee was not a cultural fit or had a discrepancy in their background details, they could add to your brand’s attrition rate. While making changes to suit the needs of the current workforce helps, implementing screening as a chief part of hiring can help you hire right thereby increasing your retention rate.

Challenge 3 – Workplace Safety

Workplace crimes and frauds have been on a rise in India. Be it, the healthcare, ITES, BFSI, retail or hospitality, no sector has been untouched by criminal or fraudulent incidents. A recent account of theft by an employee at a 5-star hotel was reported by India Today. Such employees take advantage of the lack of a reliable screening mechanism, fake their resume details, and get the job. This threatens the safety of your guests, employees, and valuable assets. Ensuring a safe environment for your guests and employees is your duty. The screening process includes criminal background verification of an employee along with the other general background checks. It helps you discover facts that could potentially threaten your brand’s safety. Implementing a comprehensive screening procedure will ensure a safe workplace atmosphere and a high reliability rate.

Be it any industrial sector, background checks has become a necessity in every small and large organisation. Some hospitality brands face challenges while screening because of the size of the organisation. In such cases, outsourcing pre-employment checks for hospitality to a trusted screening partner is beneficial. Their expertise in the field will ensure you the right hires and a good brand reputation.