Many organisation are struggling to save time and money when it comes to hiring employees. They usual have a lax and quick background screening process. This could be a problem. Without a thorough background screening process in place, your organisation is always at risk of hiring the wrong employees, making costly mistakes, and losing out on talented candidates. As a result, it’s important for big and small organisations both to mitigate the cost of a bad hire by delegating the employee screening process to professionals who can ensure to deliver a quick background screening process to save you time and money.

In order to perform a complete background check of a particular employee, it takes about nearly a month to do so. Well, the time frame may vary as the overall turnaround time is subject to the thoroughness of background searches requested. Most delays that happen are outside the screening company’s control. And, out of all the different types of verifications that are conducted, validating educational certificates is the most time-consuming as it takes about 15-20 days to complete the process. Verifying employment history is the second, most time-consuming process. Roughly, it takes about 5-6 days to obtain results. To verify address details, it takes merely 2-3 days. Identity check, criminal history, and court records can be checked instantaneously as we use the best applications.

We believe technology is the key to the success of any business. With technology at the forefront, we at SecUR credentials, use web-based services and applications to retrieve timely and efficient background screening reports. With the help of various high-end, automated systems, we can curate and procure relevant information of applicants within minutes. This ultimately increases the turnaround time for finished reports and at the same time, ensures efficiency and accuracy.

With technology on our side, we’ve fastened our seatbelts to ensure our customers get timely, error-free reports. A quick background screening process is extremely crucial for employers so that they don’t miss out on hiring the best candidates. Here’s how technology can speed up the background screening process and save you time:

Biometric Verification





















India’s national ID verification program called Aadhaar is a biometric-based digital identity system designed to enable government agencies to maintain the biometric as well as demographic data of individuals. Authentication User Agency (AUA) is an entity that is engaged in providing Aadhaar Enabled Services to the Aadhaar number Holder by using the authentication as facilitated by the Authentication Service Agency (ASA). Similarly, Know-Your-Customer User Agency (KUA) is a requesting entity that may be a private, government, or a legal agency registered in India, seeking to use electronic-KYC service of UIDAI. By incorporating the UID program in our verification checklist, we can easily verify an employee’s identity against their biometrics and Aadhaar number.




As we have access to about 400-500 databases, we can easily pull up criminal records of employees from across all sectors and ranks. Additionally, we have a subscription with Thomson Reuters World-check, which helps us go beyond Know-Your-Customer to screen for high risk individuals and entities globally. We also have a subscription with CIBIL with which we can acquire and maintain information of various consumers in our database. Plus, we have access to highly-structured, quality data from relevant industry sources. We support all our clients’ due diligence obligations in the fight against financial crime, bribery and corruption, environmental and human rights crime. Thus, all our databases have a robust data protection process in place. We ensure our clients get the best screening processes and the right candidates in time.

Bar-coded Certificates


 Educational certificates having barcodes can really make the entire employee verification process smooth and swift. As mentioned above, verifying educational certificates is the most time-consuming process. Which is why, we’re working on different strategies by persuading educational institutes to incorporate barcodes on their educational certificates. This will make the entire verification process hassle-free and quick for our customers, educational institutes, and background screening companies as well.

Application Program Interface (API)

 To improve integration, agility, productivity and scalability of businesses, we are developing APIs that can search the Internet and provide instant results. In such applications, our databases will be associated with online matching engines which will have the capabilities and functions of screening online. All the digitised records from the databases will be linked to the API making the verification process easier and faster. By simply entering details like the name or date of birth of an employee, we can pull up his or her educational, employment, or criminal records in a jiffy. With this API, we will also be able to measure turnaround times of our screening process.

A quick background screening process is what organisations are looking for today. And this is exactly what we are working on by developing accurate screening processes that are not only fast but also inexpensive. If you wish to know more about our screening programs and processes in detail, get in touch with us today!