You apply for a vacancy in the company you always wanted to work at and you think you nailed the interview just because the interviewer was impressed. With high hopes, you expect a call offering you the job soon. But, now it has been a few days and you still haven’t heard from them. Sounds familiar? Well, every job seeker experiences this at least once when looking for employment. Sometimes, a candidate receives the initial offer but still fails to get the job. So, why don’t recruiters call back after an interview?

The hiring process is not as simple as you think. Apart from posting job applications and interviewing candidates, background screening and internal discussions are crucial parts of the recruitment process. The entire recruitment and screening process combined together can at times take a month. To curb your curiosity, we give you 3 reasons why recruiters don’t respond after an interview or screening.

They are not interested in hiring you

One of the most obvious reasons is that the employer has found a better candidate for the job. So, instead of being straightforward they choose to not get back to you at all. Often we feel we did our best, but still, someone else wins the job. And, most of the times recruiters prefer not responding instead of contacting you with a rejection email. But, if this is the case after the screening, you must re-check information in your resume. Maybe the recruiter found a discrepancy in any of the details mentioned in the CV. While some recruiters may call you for clarification, others will right away reject you. In such cases, you can follow up with the recruiter to find out what went wrong, especially when you are sure you have made no mistake.

They are interviewing more candidates or taking time to decide

Another reason why recruiters don’t respond after an interview is that they might still be looking for more options. For some positions, recruiters might only interview a few candidates, but for others, they might be looking at a lot of options. Additionally, in most cases, the HR is not the deciding authority. It could be the hiring manager or the employers depending on the organisation. Moreover, they have to look at several details like training, salary, incentives, etc. when hiring. Hence, such decisions take time too. So, in case you haven’t received a response, chances are the company is still interviewing or taking time to decide. The best way is to follow up with an email. It’s wise to send three followup mails in a span of two months. If you still don’t hear from them, the answer is clear.

They are conducting background checks

Large and small firms are realising the importance of background screening. As mentioned above, many candidates almost receive an initial offer, verbal or written, but the final offer is subject to background screening. The employee screening process is implemented to verify details mentioned in your resume and during your interview. Educational, employment, residential, criminal, and identity checks are done to make sure you are a safe hire. While the level of screening done varies from employee to employee, it can take a minimum of 10-12 days. If you have embellished your resume, then you should know why you did not receive a call. But if not, then background screening could be one of the many reasons why you didn’t hear from the recruiter.

Recruiting is a critical decision that requires a careful thought. A single bad hire can have an adverse effect on the firm’s credibility and finances. To make sure they hire the best, firms outsource background screening to trusted partners. So, if you’re still wondering why recruiters don’t call back after an interview, you should go through the article once again.