Organisations have been struggling in recruiting and managing the new generation workforce. Long gone are the days when newspaper ads and cash incentives were enough to attract potential talent. The tried and tested techniques of recruiting have failed to attract the newer generation, which calls for innovation in recruitment strategies. But, before devising strategies for recruiting the new generation, one first needs to understand them.

The new generation, titled as millennials, has grown up in an era of technology and instant gratification. What they wish to get should be just a click away. The constant exposure through technology has imbibed in them a desire to be recognized for their achievements. They have brought a great change in the way we live, communicate, socialize, and work. Such a generation likes working for organisations which match their ideals and desires. Considering this, employers will have to approach them in unique ways to gain their attention. Recruiting the new generation can seem difficult but it’s not impossible once you know the trick. Here are some recruiting strategies for millennials that can help you entice them.

Offer them Work with a Sense of Purpose

If you have still been using a high pay and benefits as a way to attract candidates, you must contemplate a change. Millennials have a strong desire to make an impact by contributing to the world and getting recognized for it. Pay and benefits no longer attract them. To work with a sense of purpose is what they look for. Hence, as a recruiter, offer them the opportunity to learn and grow through their work. Incorporate flexible work arrangements, incorporating creativity in the daily routine, and promote a healthy work-life balance to entice such candidates.

Use Social Media to your Advantage

Being abreast with  trends is what attracts this generation. Merely posting an ad on job portals is not enough to entice them. Millennials are tech savvy and they judge an organisation by their web presence and activeness on social media platforms. Being active on social media not only gains their attention but also offers a great platform to announce openings. Use mediums like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase your company culture. Give them real time updates on what is happening at your firm and use them to announce vacancies and invite applications.

Go Creative and Make Connections

Organisations using out of the box ideas to gain the attention of this generation can easily succeed in hiring millennials. This generation is accustomed to creative ways of approaching a subject. For example, a meme to give an opinion on a current affair or a fun video about your brand will immediately turn their heads to you. Use creativity in your social media posts and update your website to look more quirky.

Personalization is another way to woo this generation. Just like brands and firms customizing experiences based on their audience’s interests, as a recruiter you can use social media and online tools to make a personal connection with this generation. Provide them with informative ideas and invite their opinions. This helps in building trust and you will be flooded with resumes of talented millennials on your next vacancy.

Build Reputation

Brand reputation has always been an essential factor when it comes to attracting employees. A firm involved in fraudulent cases, having credibility issues, autocratic leadership or lack work-life balance, will turn off potential talent. As mentioned across the article, this generation looks for opportunities to make a difference. For this, they look up to those leaders and firms that can assist them in doing so. If you have been involved in social events let them know. Also, a firm having good leadership qualities, which is willing to understand and assist this generation in achieving their goals and overcoming challenges is the one that millennials will want to go to.

Implementing these tips will help you crack the task of recruiting the new generation. Although hiring and retaining them is not easy, these recruitment strategies can help manage attrition and retain talent. Apart from this, background screening can also help you with talent retention by ensuring good hires.