Recruitment is a critical process of every organisation. Firms want to attract top talent in a quick yet accurate manner. The recruitment process in India has been transformed in the recent years. Apart from the use of technology to quicken the process, background screening has become a mandatory part of hiring. While the concept of background check is not new, organisations soon realised that the liberal approach of conducting basic reference checks does not suffice. The rising number of fake resumes and employment crimes being reported has awakened organisations to the need of a comprehensive background screening in India. But, most organisations lack time and resources to implement a comprehensive screening procedure. To ensure a swift recruitment process and to hire the best candidates, firms are partnering with screening companies.

How do employee background checks work?

The process of background screening involves a stringent check of every employee detail – personal and professional. When you partner with a screening company, they dedicate their resources in scanning residential, educational, employment, and criminal records of the potential candidate. Once the process is completed, you are reverted with a background check report that helps you make an informed hiring decision. The time taken to complete background checks depend upon various factors including the availability of sufficient evidence, efficiency of the firm’s resources, and internal processes. While this is true, several firms take too long; sometimes more than a month in verifying even the easiest of cases. Instead of a swift screening process, tying up with such firms may make you lose out on talent. Hence, before partnering with a screening company you must ensure they have an efficient practice in place to offer timely results.

Hire talent with SecUR’s prompt background check reports

At SecUR we understand how a slow-moving background screening process affects talent acquisition. Considering the role technology plays in quickening the verification process, we have used it to facilitate a swift background check for organisations. The presence of a central repository and access to several databases make checks with educational institutes, courts and other governmental bodies simpler for us. Moreover, with the use of technology, we have streamlined our processes to offer quick yet accurate background checks. With the help of these processes, our field executives can conduct the verification on their smartphones, through which the data is instantly sent to our back office team, where they are quality checked and uploaded in the central workflow repository. This organised procedure combined with technology lets us generate and deliver background check reports in a span of only 10-12 days.

Although background screening in India is known to benefit employers, factors like the time taken for the verification must also be taken into account, else it can be disadvantageous. By partnering with SecUR, you not only have a comprehensive employee verification process in place but also ensure talent acquisition with prompt background check reports. By using  technology as a tool to simplify complex procedures combined with our expertise, we strive to continually refine our background screening process for the benefit of our clients. So, if you wish to have a quick yet accurate background screening process, get in touch with us!