By: Dr. (Col) John Chenetra, President, SecUR Credentials October 3, 2018

Asking pertinent questions during your interview is vital to understanding your future in that organisation

Organisational culture is the shared set of values and the socio-psychological environment that an organisation develops over the course of its existence. These tend to be unique to that particular company and comprise a large part of the entity’s work environment. When selecting a new job, it is necessary to ensure that the organisation’s values, attitudes, and work culture are consistent with your own to guarantee a healthy and rewarding work life. It would be prudent on your part, to conduct this crucial compatibility check, because no matter how great the position or salary, it is detrimental to your growth and progress to survive in a work culture that doesn’t help you thrive, rather leaves you feeling unfulfilled and stressed.

A company, like individuals, has a distinct personality, an outcome of the people that constitute it, as well as its own vision and mission. Here are a few different types of character dimensions that every organisation exhibits:

Activities Or Output Oriented

In output-oriented organisations, employees are primarily out to achieve specific goals or results, even if these involve a substantial amount of risk. In activity-oriented companies, the defining features are the way in which the work has to be carried out.

Job Or People Oriented

In job oriented organisations, hard work is the norm and the task at hand is considered more important than the comfort or growth of the individual. In person oriented organisations, employee welfare is of utmost importance, even at the expense of work.

Corporate Or Professional Oriented