So have you been on a lookout for that ‘ideal’ candidate to fill in a vacancy at your company? But, who is an ‘ideal’ candidate? Most firms fail to recruit right because of their understanding of an ideal candidate. An ideal candidate is typically perceived as the one with a spotless resume. The one with the perfect amount of experience and skill required for the role is considered the perfect candidate. But, what if these ideal ones don’t fit in your organisation’s culture?

In their drive to find the perfect hire, organisation’s often overlook the importance of assessing the candidate for cultural fit. Research has shown that apart from assessing experience and knowledge, testing cultural fit of a candidate is vital. A candidate’s cultural fit can affect his performance level. Even though when a person is highly qualified and skilled, if their values are not in line with your organisation’s culture, they will end up damaging your company. Cultural fit can cover a variety of aspects like work-life balance, way of handling a customer, work style, and more. If these do not match your company’s culture, the candidate would be a total misfit. This will not only be harmful for their career of the candidate but can also threaten your organisation’s reputation. Hence, hiring for cultural fit is essential for maintaining a sound atmosphere.

So how do you hire for cultural fit?

Go Beyond the Job Description

Going beyond the job description, by acquiring clarity on what qualities you wish to see in the employee, can help you assess their cultural fit. Start by asking questions like –

  • What is your current organisation culture?
  • What kind of individuals exist in your organisation currently?
  • What is their work style?
  • What qualities and work ethics are you looking for in a candidate to fill the position?, etc.

Understanding the current culture and analyzing what kind of qualities you want in your would-be employee will help you assess them for cultural fit.

Personality Assessment Test

Giving candidates a personality assessment test can be a good way to judge their cultural fit. A personality assessment test assists you in evaluating factors like how the candidate handles work related situations, is the candidate a team player, and how does the candidate handle problems or cope with stress and work pressure. Give them a real life work situation or ask them to do a role play. The test will reveal a lot about their personality and help you evaluate their cultural fit.

Ask them a Mix of Questions

Having a mix of questions – work related and personal ones can help you know a lot about the candidate’s personality. Ask them – What they did and did not enjoy about their last job; what they look for in a leader; who was their favorite boss and why? Apart from these, move to casual subjects like inquiring about their hobbies, books they like to read, etc. to assess their nature and qualities. This helps you gain an insight into their likes and dislikes to contemplate whether or not they are a cultural fit.

Give them a chance to Converse

Having a list of set questions for the interview may be an effective way to judge but may not always test the candidate’s cultural fit. This approach will only limit your knowledge about the candidate and you may end up hiring the wrong employee. During the course of the interview, give the candidate a chance to converse. This will help you judge their confidence level and communication skills to assess whether they fit in your organisation’s culture or not.

Implementing these tips will help you hire for cultural fit. While testing for cultural fit is vital, screening employees is equally essential. Background screening uncovers crucial information that may even help in assessing the candidate’s cultural fit. Partner with a trusted screening firm and secure talented individuals.