Psychometric tests use the standard and scientific method to measure an individual’s mental capabilities. It helps companies paint a clear picture of a candidate’s mindset concerning their intellectual abilities and proclivities. Recruitment is a tedious job, as the goal is to hire a candidate who best fits the available position at the company. It also helps recruiters in identifying candidates’ personality and cognitive abilities without relying solely on documents and their opinions.

When linked to individual job performance data, psychometric test results can produce lead indicators to help organizations with the selection, assessing workforce capability, talent management, understanding company’s culture, and succession planning with a high degree of confidence. According to a research, HR personnel considers psychometric test a powerful tool for hiring as it helps in making the recruitment process sharper and smoother. It is now used by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and by over 75% of Time’s top 100 companies in U.K. The psychometric assessment uses:

  • Personality Tools
  • Situational Judgement

The above tools can help measure:

The Big 5 Personality Traits or OCEAN

  • O- Openness to Experience
  • C- Conscientiousness
  • E- Extroversion
  • A- Agreeableness
  • N- Neuroticism (Emotional Stability)

Situational Judgement Test

  • Mimic real work environments
  • Check immediate reactions to work situations
  • Measure behaviors easily observable

Let’s have a look at the reasons for conducting a psychometric test:

Help understand the mindset of employees

Psychometric assessments have become an influential factor in gauging the performance of the employees. These tests help an employer to identify the strengths and cooperative skills of an employee by providing the employer with a strong understanding of employee psyche.

Helps pick the best-fitting candidate

Your recruitment process must be meticulous; otherwise, you could be missing some company-damaging weaknesses or on the flip side, some hidden skills. Psychometric tests help you probe into the true depths of a person’s abilities which assists you in hiring a candidate who possesses the right skills and strengths for the vacant position at the company.

Saves the time of the employer

Psychometric testing can save your time if used at the beginning of the hiring process, particularly for the vacancies that receive a large number of applications. Some companies conduct psychometric tests in their first round of the interview. This way, they make sure that only suitable candidates are selected for further rounds.

 Highly cost saving

The costs incurred by the company as loss due to the non-performance of staff, and underrated recruitment are far higher than the costs that are tagged with this method. The psychometric tests help gather information in hours that otherwise take months. These tests help avoid costly hiring mistakes in the long run.

Encourages consistency

It ensures standardization when you are looking to hire new staff. During psychometric testing, all applicants are tested against one decided benchmark. By conducting these tests, it is ensured that references or third-party influences don’t affect your recruitment. This helps you to take unbiased decisions while hiring.

The impact

The results gained from psychometric tests are more accurate and appropriate than those results that are received by other methods. Meta-analyses have shown that including psychometric assessments can improve recruitment outcomes by 24% over traditional selection methods.

In conclusion, psychometric assessment are a critical part of the hiring process as it judges a person holistically, helping in recognizing the perfect fit for a particular job. Organizations that want to attract and retain best employees should start conducting psychometric tests.